Feb 01, 2021 | News

Knowing the Do’s and Don’ts of Permitting


Do it yourself or Hire a Professional? 


We’ve heard a fair share of horror stories where the permitting process that should’ve taken no more than 5 months took them over a year to obtain. From experience, we know that each project is different and brings its own share of hurdles and setbacks, but let’s face it, permits are necessary. You can try to find your way around it but building codes are set for our safety.  

Good coordination and planning leads to a smooth permitting process 

We asked one of our team members, which we like to call “The Permitting Master”, “what is the biggest mistake made when it comes to permitting?” Lack of pre-planning and coordination. To reduce setbacks and corrections, its crucial to coordinate with the design team (Architects, Engineers) the necessary supporting documents needed to satisfy each department in the independent municipality applying to. We thoroughly review your plans and documents to ensure there aren’t any discrepancies that will delay the permitting process. This is where forward thinking comes to play.  

Forward Thinking will Save You Time and Money 

As we review your plans, forward thinking is a must! After a thorough review of the scope of work and our knowledge of building codes/policies, we can save you time and money without possibly compromising the design proposed. From experience, we’ve seen clients give Architects/ Designers total design freedom but sometimes by doing so, they can forget to take into account certain building codes which lead to making necessary revisions to keep it up to code, therefore, delaying the permitting process. By reviewing the plans and catching any discrepancies before submitting, you’ll save time and money! And as one of our Founding Fathers once said, “Time is Money”. 

Forward thinking doesn’t happen without Knowledge and Experience 

Building permit regulations differ from city to city, so what is required in one city may not be the same in another. Due to this, finding a permit expediter who is knowledgeable and experienced is essential. Electronic permitting is now more prevalent than before and considered to be easier, however, it’s only so when you’re familiar with the codes and policies in place. As a contractor and permit expediter, we provide a swift permitting process. We have the expertise and knowledge of the industry, scope of work, and building codes. Even when things don’t go as planned, our savviness kicks in with quick problem solving and we provide corrections in a timely manner. 

A note to all DIY’ers (Do-it-Yourselfers), we applaud you because obtaining a permit is no walk in the park, not even for the professionals but kudos to you!… Just make sure you do your research and if you see you’re in over your head, we’ll be happy to pick up where you left off. 

And to all who want to avoid the headaches and hire a professional, we’re here to help you make this process as smooth and easy as possible.